Create Your Noodle

Create Your Noodle Bowl

Pick one from each category and create your own special noodle bowl $9.25
請從下列選項中任選其一 $9.25

Cooking Methods 制作方法
Noodle Soup湯麵         Sweet Dry Noodle 甜拌面       Dan Dan Noodle 擔擔麵        Chow Mein炒麵 ($1.50 Extra)

Noodle Type麵條種類
Hand Cut Noodle    手切面 Vermicelli.港式米粉      Flat Noodle.河粉      Japanese Ramen日本拉麵
La Mein.中式拉麵        Udon.烏冬.      Vietnamese Pho.越南粉        Spaghetti Rice Noodle江西米粉
LongXi Thin Noodle.龍鬚面          Egg Noodle蛋面

Protein 肉類
Spicy Beef.辣紅燒牛肉        Regular Beef.醬香牛肉        Braised Sparerib.醬香排骨         Grilled Chicken煎雞排
Spicy Ground Pork.辣豬肉末         Fried Shrimp炸蝦 ($1.00 extra)          Pork Meatball豬肉丸
Firm Tofu.凍豆腐           Orange Chicken.美式陳皮雞        Sesame Chicken 美式芝麻雞.          Sliced lamb羊肉片 ($1.00 extra)

Vegetables蔬菜類 (Feel Free to Add More Than One!)
Broccoli西蘭花.       Bak Choy.青江菜        Napa Cabbage 大白菜       Beans Sprouts綠豆芽.       Lettuce. 生菜
Shredded Carrot. 胡蘿蔔絲

Broth湯底 (For Noodle Soup Only)
Traditional Broth.秘制湯底         Tomato Broth.番茄湯底          Hot and Sour Broth.酸辣湯底          Szechuan Spicy Broth麻辣湯底

Spiciness 辣度
1 – 5 (1 is mild and 5 is extra spicy)1小辣—5超辣

Extras 添加
Extra Noodle 加面$2.00.         Extra Meat 加肉$3.00